Monday, October 12, 2009

H1N1 musings

Today, I am starting to show signs of life again... having been sick for the last 5 days and not even having the energy to switch on the computer but for a couple of minutes, has gotten me to thinking. With family and friends saying that maybe I have swine flu, but I think not as I wasn't that sick... to me just a bad cold. It brought to mind the day at work when I was asked if I was going to take the H1N1 vaccine. I had already declined the seasonal flu shot. I said," well I have to, I have birds" the point was lost on the asker at that time. She just left, shaking her head.

A few days later, we were again discusssing the H1Ni vaccine at work... it is a topic on many peoples minds, I guess, I mostly listen in, but Again I mentioned my birds. My co-workers know I have cockatiels, they know I am crazy about them, they still do not realize the connection of H1N1 and birds, but I do, because if the word avian is mentioned, I pay attention, and the "swine" flu or H1N1 flu is a mixed flu, comprised of human, swine and avian flu. When I mentioned that fact, someone actually said, "you should quarantine your birds before they give you the flu" . Say what? I have had my flock for years, they do not go outside freely, they haven't been exposed to any flu's, I must watch that I do not bring sicknesses in to them!

That got me thinking... can the H1N1 virus be passed to birds, as the flu virus is able to mutate somewhat? I need a vaccine for them! Honestly, I'm not going to get worked up over this... like I don't think I had the swine flu, I don't think I will sicken my whole flock. Talk about the thoughts you get when laying around with nothing better to do (well I had all kinds of stuff to do, and I managed to do some things, but I also rested more than my norn).

Anyways... I am still going to take the H1N1 vaccine at work when it is available, wouldn't want to sicken my birds... and especially myself or my family, but I'm not going to get all worked up. cautious yes, but not worked up,

Tutaloo, for now,