Sunday, November 1, 2009

That extra hour

Well we all turned our clocks back last night and it got me wondering...just what do the cockatiels think of some our strange habits? I know that if I told them that we have this odd custom of trying to change the daylight schedule, they'd just bob their little crests and continue about with their little cockatiel lives, uncaring that we humans do these things. The daylight filtering through the windows is the same. They start their cockatiel callings as soon as the sky lightens.They have no use for clocks, or our strange customs.

I tried to tell them that they got an extra hour with me today. they cared less about that statement, they know they will see me for about the same time anyways, as they continue to their cockatiel things. Viesa will sit on her eggs for the same amout of time, there is no extra hour there. Hansome will perch on the window sill and holler at the neighbors dogs and the birds outside. Eaglet searches for more egg hiding places. Pringles and Prince will follow Eaglet, while Cuddles chases them all. Rocky will serenade Sammi, who will ignore him and chew whatever she can get her beak onto. There is no extra hour anywhere for them.

So tell me again... why do we change the clocks?


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