Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet a Flock member - Viesa

Not all that much is going on with the whole cockatiel flock... I suppose that's a good thing?

I've decided to introduce you to one of the flock members today in a random sort of way, no rhyme or reason to it...

Today, you will meet Viesa. Her full name is Traviesa, or Viesa, or even Vivi for short.
traviesa is spanish for mischievous girl, and she was that from the moment she entered my home. She is the boss and one hot chick, if you were to ask any of the male cockatiels. I can't let her out with the boys as they all fight and jostle each other in their attempts to mount her, worse, she invites it, strutting about with her tail up and that suggestive chirping. She also seems to always be sitting on eggs when not getting into trouble.

She is cuddly one minute and ripping up things the next. She is also the one who is always trying to rip the keys of the computer keyboard and prying the dvd drive open, for what, I don't know. She won't step up for the kids... I have no problem with that though. In an emergency, I would have to be around, or else...

She's the baby of the flock as well, only about 2 yrs old, seem much longer though. I don't know her parentage, but looks normal gray with a speckled breast and 1 yellow crest feather, toward the back, so there is pied in the mix.

Gee what else can I say, before I get you bored, maybe I better leave off now,,,

so Tutaloo for now,


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