Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here it is, another sunday morning... The weather is cooler, the boys are soon to be starting college and I am here just enjoying sitting with the flock. The wildlife is slowly returning to the neighborhood and I haven't seen my friend , Toni Hawk, around lately. I think she has gone off the more fruitful territory. Toni is the name I gave to the hawk. I don't know if she's a female, but all the research mentioned that the females are larger thn the males, and she's the largest of the 3 babie, so I gave her the feminine version of Toni.

Anyways this picture today was another photo I took of Toni, but from the front side as she rested on the top of a ladder in my neighbors yard. She seems to like my neighbors yard...

The cockatiels are up to their usual chatter from their cage... I currently have the girls out and flying around and the guys holloring from their cages. They can be quite noisy at times.

It is getting time for me to go clean some cages, such excitement, I know, but must be done.

anyways, tutaloo for now,


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